La sposa trendy in tuta e pantaloni

The jumpsuite , as the British call them, are back in vogue, crowding the windows and abound on the  fashion magazine,  not only as head of everyday clothing, sportswear, but also as an elegant solution, suitable to the bride with a right of first refusal on the part of stars who want to stand out. Different from ‘ wedding dress traditional, original and comfortable, the suit model suits every occasion, for its comfort and versatility and allows greater freedom of movement to the wearer.

While the suits if they have seen a lot even in the fashion show of ready-to-wear , especially in conjunction with the return of the revival of the twentieth century styles and strong propensity for the total-jeans , the  rumors  report that the style in vogue in the field of Fashion Wedding is the reinterpretation of the elegant lines of the early ‘900, or in the large, fluid pants palace pijiama who had onset in the 60s, while the sexiest address made ​​of stretch lace and nude -look instead it favors a typical tight lines of lingerie luxury.


The model that follows, signed Elie Saab Resort 2014 , it is emblematic of a style suit that fits in perfectly syncretic in choosing a fluid and sophisticated line, with androgynous nods, both male and female. Women in the neckline to Marylin, in life high under the breasts and in the choice of floating details like two flying bands on the shoulders in the middle between a cape and a hood open are intended to show the B-side in a spectacular manner. Men the choice of a penalty, the line trousers.


Balance and harmony are essential for a leader who will not spare compared to the proportions of your body and will highlight any flaws. The suit fitting will enhance women physically proportioned, both tall and thin that minute and harmonious, with slim waist and well-shaped buttocks. The suit is the enemy centers of gravity too low or too high. So be careful in assessing the fine pattern on its figure. There is the possibility for all to take this head, since there are some tricks and gimmicks to harmonize everything according to the cuts, high or low waist, soft shapes or tight and even the choice of the shoe with platform or not will essential. Remember, as stated by the great Vivienne Westwood, heels raise the buttocks a few centimeters!

The glittering  wedding jumpsuit  of Rivini Autumn 2014 , will make you feel like the stars, walking down the aisle of the church in the gleaming white suit in marriage Chantilly lace embroidered with thin satin ribbon at the neck and waist. Candida and rich stole oscillating white ostrich feathers gives the touch of luxury.


Among the proposals of the stylists: bodices sculpture, trains applied to pants, hoods, capes, over-tulle skirts and wallet, go to articulate imaginative models making them quite innovative.

Cheeky, creative and youthful, the short version of the bride suit shorts lace with large flower sculpture on the bodice, creating Manuel Mota for Pronovias 2013 . Short version the choice for the dress party after ceremony chosen by  Elena Santarelli  on the occasion of his marriage. It must afford it!  Choosing a triptych of excellence for 3 wedding suits designer Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Spring 2014 , promoted by the singer, as well as the sister of Beyoncé,   Solange Knowles , during the three fundamental moments of his marriage ceremony: pre- bridal, wedding and party. We propose here the first choice for your pre-wedding: an asymmetrical jumpsuit and cape with an outdoor leg that runs along the opposite leg and shoulder, creating a successful effect of contrasts, dress pants, long short. Of particular liking and interest in the Collection of suits the Lebanese Gemy Maalouf who proposed both fluid dresses with building line and top with embroidered inserts, which bustier dresses with skirts.mauel_mota-2013manuel-mota-2013-2

The wonderful suit lingerie tatoo of Maalouf bustier with lace from sweetheart neckline, tight and super sexy, covered by an open skirt silk satin portfolio. Dream!gemy-maalouf-2015-4

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