La Sera Curvy!

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W curves and vivid special occasions that allow us to leverage them effectively with evening wear plus sizes , where the word “forte” is especially for women. Put it this way! Yes, because the woman has a magical body , which turns right from puberty into a work of art of pure sensuality. A path to them, generous, forging the female in all its procreative power, keeper of secrets and imagination.

The clothes by the cross-line, such as what you see above the Marina Rinaldi , are adjustable waist and perfect to give that unique feeling of comfort. Ideal for those who often have the tummy a bit bloated, which tends to swell and deflate at will, and who do not like to force himself into a buttoned strap.

Fantasies animal spotted , polka dots, graffiti and posters, in vogue at the time, they will carefully chosen. Choose colors according to the complexion and tones. Sometimes the right to patterned fabric can do wonders and make you attractive and bright by bringing to center stage.


If you have pronounced hips and strong legs, high-waisted pencil skirts, midi or Pencil, bring a top with V-neck and the right heel, slanceranno figure and make you look glamorous and fashionable.



The Curvy fashion is designed for women who know how to value their sinuous nature. Often one thinks of the larger sizes as something not quite positive. One thinks of a few extra pounds to hide. Do not forget that there is always a downside, and that there are also snellissime women, perhaps frustrated by their thinness, the difficulty of filling dream dresses with their silhouette a little ‘androgynous. On the other hand may well be issues of height of breasts, it depends on your point of view! And if yours was a problem of size to more generalized level and maybe you prefer to hide a little ‘, rather than show, there are a few tricks that will serve to enhance the face and figure.

The new lines of clothing slipped, with caped sleeves or bell-shaped, as well as being super current, are perfect for dressing in comfort. Careful to choose the right length. In this case, the length will be the key of elegance. Especially if you have slender legs and top busty or Juno, better opt for a length that balances the whole, to avoid the ‘ effect of P or the’ triangle effect .

picture 41

E ‘known as the divine singer  Adele  has lost a few pounds just recently, turning his silhouette. Taking a small step back, remember how her voluptuous curves were measured with a colorful patterned dresses, embroideries and laces of total black.


The evening dresses long elegant , definitely helps to lengthen the figure. We pay attention, however the volumes and colors, because they could just as weighing down! Not just black, of course, but choose models tailoring, they are well constructed, which help to give an order to your special silhouette.

And good evening!


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